Xur’s Ship In Destiny 2 Is Just A Big Rock, And Now You Can Get It

Like clockwork, Exotic arms dealer Xur appears every Friday to offer rare gear to Destiny 2 players who have a sizable chunk of Legendary Shards available. Where Xur appears for the weekend is always a mystery, as the Agent of the Nine either pops up in the European Dead Zone, the Tower hangar, or a massive tree on Nessus that leaves players in prime position for a nearby Vex Hobgoblin to practice its sniping skills on.

So how does Xur get around the solar system? On a rock. A giant rock. That’s it, that’s the headline right there. As part of Bungie’s 30th anniversary celebrations, players can take part in the Dares of Eternity, an event that hands out some fantastic legacy-themed rewards, and if you earn enough experience points within it, you can add Xur’s UniXursal Voyager to your ship collection. Here’s what it looks like:

UniXursal Voyager
UniXursal Voyager

Naturally, we have questions. How does it work? What’s the mileage like on the 10.90 AU trip–that’s 1.0132e+9 miles at the closest point–to Nessus? Are there Exotic cup-holders? Does Xur achieve lift-off by aggravating a nearby Cabal ship to blast him into orbit? Heck, where did the ship even come from? I’ve got a theory: It’s no accident that Xur’s latest event is taking place during the Christmas season, or as it’s known in the world of Destiny, The Dawning.

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