Xbox And Adidas Unveil Final Sneaker In 20th Anniversary Collaboration

To celebrate 20 years of Xbox, Microsoft has teamed up with Adidas to create a new line of sneakers inspired by the console’s history. Since first unveiling the partnership back in October, Adidas has released two pairs of limited-edition sneakers available for purchase. Now, the athletic brand is rounding out its collection with its third and final sneaker: the Adidas Forum Tech Boost, the first-ever Xbox sneaker available to purchase globally.

Adidas Forum Tech Boosts
Adidas Forum Tech Boosts

Inspired by the Xbox Series X, the new Forum Tech Boosts boasts a “bold” silhouette with “pops of neon green and tech-driven details.” Among these details are the insides of the shoes, which feature black netting against a green liner and are meant to remind the wearer of the Xbox Series X’s vents. The sneakers also include the modern Xbox sphere logo, which is based on the console’s power button and the Xbox Elite wireless controller. Last but certainly not least, the sneakers also have a translucent and green heel, which pulls directly from the Special edition Xbox 20th Anniversary wireless controller.

“We wanted to create a shoe that cemented a moment in time, but also felt timeless,” Xbox wrote in its official blog post. “This is a shoe that is meant to be played in, meant to be worn, and meant to be enjoyed by our community – one that’s always played in, and never played out.”

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