Where To Preorder The New PS5 DualSense Controllers: Starlight Blue And Nova Pink

DualSense controllers in two different new colorways–a bright baby blue and an equally bright pink–are available to preorder now. You can get the Starlight Blue and Nova Pink controllers at Best Buy and Amazon ahead of their January 28, 2022 release. PlayStation Direct is also offering preorders of the DualSense controllers, and it looks like they will ship packages a week earlier than other major retailers on January 14, 2022.

USB-C charging cables do not come with these DualSense controllers, so you’ll need to buy another USB-C cable or pick up the DualSense Charging Station. It’s currently out of stock at all major retailers, but you can get one from PlayStation Direct.

If neither of these two options strike your fancy, there will be a Galactic Purple DualSense controller available in the future. Official faceplates for your PS5 are also currently available to preorder.

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