Where To Find Deathloop Delivery Booth Code – All Delivery Locations

In Deathloop, you’ll notice delivery booths on all four of the game’s levels–Updaam, The Complex, Fristad Rock, and Karl’s Bay. You won’t be able to use or even understand these delivery booths, however, because they’ll be locked behind a passcode. Fortunately, you’ll only need one passcode to operate any of these delivery boxes across the entire game, and that code will be the same across all loops. Here’s where to find the delivery booth code and how to use deliveries.

Deathloop: delivery booth code location

First, let me explain why I don’t just tell you the code right off the bat. Deathloop codes are randomized per save file, so while the delivery code you’ll find using this guide will remain the same across your entire playthrough, it will be unique to you. My code will not be the same as yours, so you must instead understand how to find it yourself.

An auto-turret truly is a
An auto-turret truly is a “special delivery.”

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s how to find the delivery booth code. You’ll want to head to Fristad Rock at noon. When you emerge, get past the Eternalists in the area, then go past the colorful booth to the right. Cross the rocky path and watch out for landmines along the way. You can stay away from them or slowly approach and disable them.

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