What A Splinter Cell Devotee Wants From The Remake

On December 15, Ubisoft officially confirmed it was working on a new–well, sort of new–Splinter Cell game. Rather than greenlight a sequel to Splinter Cell Blacklist, the company is moving forward on a remake of the first Splinter Cell, rebuilt in its own Snowdrop engine at Ubisoft Toronto. Aside from a pledge to stick to the core gameplay principles of the original such as thoughtful, methodical stealth, and to not go to an open-world model, Ubisoft has shared very little about what the game will be like. In fact, given how early the game appears to be in development, the developer is likely still figuring that part out. But as a longtime fan, I have a few wishes in mind for the Splinter Cell remake because this series is all that matters to me anymore and I need a win right now.

Bring back Michael Ironside

The most obvious suggestion of all, let’s just get it out of the way first: Michael Ironside has to voice Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell remake. Even if it weren’t a remake of the original game, this point would stand, as his signature low vocals and sarcastic charm are what made Sam Fisher such a compelling character. They were absent in Blacklist as Ubisoft Toronto went to a full motion-capture setup and Ironside battled cancer, and the latter point was probably more responsible for the recasting than the motion-capture technology. Ironside recovered and has returned for two special events in Ghost Recon games, so it would be a fantastic treat to hear him again in a full release. Will we? I don’t know, because Ubisoft wouldn’t tell me when I asked–and I obviously asked.

Alongside Ironside, however, there are a few other voice actors who made their roles iconic. Don Jordan and Claudia Besso were major parts of what made the games work, as well, playing Irving Lambert and Anna Grímsóttir for every game in the series up through Conviction, with the exception of Pandora Tomorrow. Besso was recast in Blacklist, and though her replacement did an admirable job, the original’s sly wit was what made her so believable during in-mission conversations.

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