Westworld Season 4 Teaser Footage Revealed

The long-awaited first look for Season 4 of HBO’s Westworld was revealed in a sizzle reel promoting the upcoming shows for 2022, including James Gunn’s Peacemaker, House of the Dragon, and the returning Hacks. The look is brief but sets the tone for what’s to come with Caleb and the Man in Black.

In the quick clip, there are various characters showcased: Maeve (Thandie Newton), a very frightened Caleb (Aaron Paul), and the Man in Black (Ed Harris). During the third season, Dolores has escaped Westworld along with a few processing cores called pearls, including one for Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard. Set just months after the events of Season 2 in neo-Los Angeles, we find Dolores developing a relationship with Caleb and comes to learn how robots are treated by humans in everyday life.

When Westworld debuted on HBO, it had the network’s highest viewership ratings for a premiere since the first episode of True Detective back in 2014. Westworld’s first season is the most-watched first season of any HBO original series, a record still held at press time.

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