Tribes Of Midgard’s New Season Boss Is A Giant Snake That Wants To Eat The World

Another huge mythological creature is headed to Tribes of Midgard to try to bring about the end of the world. The game’s next season is the Serpent Saga, and fittingly, the season’s new saga boss is the ludicrously large World Serpent, Jormungandr, and you’ll need to venture out into the seas to fight it.

Tribes of Midgard’s second season drops this week, bringing a bunch of new changes to the game–including a new biome, a new shipyard structure so you can make yourself some boats, and the ability to swim. Everything you do in Season 2 will culminate in a battle with the saga boss, Jormungandr, which looks like it’ll put your Viking tribe through its paces. Not only will you have to venture out across the new Open Seas biome to find the World Serpent, but you’ll have to face it on a narrow ring-shaped arena, where real estate will be at a premium. The snake belches big globs of poison onto the arena that will damage you if you get caught in them, and it’ll make some big attacks with its tail, as well.

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Developer Norsfell describes Jormungandr as putting up a fight that’s pretty different from the first season’s Saga boss, Fenrir. Where Fenrir was more mobile and could call on smaller enemies to help him out, Jormungandr is more stationary, so you’ll always know where your target is. The difference is, you’re going to need to keep on the move and search for good places to mount an offense, because the boss’s attacks tend to cover the arena in poison that depletes not only health, but your Mana as well. So while it might be easier to get close and hit Jormungandr, the boss is going to force you to dodge away a lot.

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