Tribes Of Midgard Jormungandr Saga Boss Guide: Tips From The Developer

Tribes of Midgard‘s second season, the Serpent Saga, kicks off on December 14, and with a whole lot of new additions and features comes a new, massive mythological monster for players to face down to stop Ragnarok. That creature is Jormungandr, the World Serpent, an absolutely massive snake that you’ll find out in the new Open Seas biome. Jormungandr is pretty different from the first season’s Saga boss, Fenrir, forcing you to adopt new tactics and deal with new threats.

Developer Norsfell has provided GameSpot with a few tips that should help you and your tribe of Vikings get the upper hand against Jormungandr when you finally take it down during the Serpent Saga. Here’s how to best battle the World Serpent, straight from its creators.

A giant, poisonous snake

First and foremost, know that Jormungandr is a more stationary boss than Fenrir, and you’ll be wailing on its face for most of the fight. His boss arena is a narrow, ring-shaped piece of stone that encircles his head, giving you less room than you might want to move around. That’s specifically problematic because Jormungandr’s attacks include spitting big globs of poison on the ground that will damage you and drain your Mana if you stand in them, so you’ll want to keep moving. What’s more, it’ll also attack with its tail, slapping at you and covering a big chunk of the ring. Space is tight and paying attention to where you can stand without getting hurt is key to surviving.

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