The Witcher Season 2 Pokes Fun At Season 1’s Biggest Misstep

The world of The Witcher is a dark place with invading armies, dangerous creatures, ambitious sorcerers, and more. You have to find some light in all that darkness, though, and that comes in the form of the bard Jaskier. Last season, he gave us the best song in a streaming series in the form of “Toss a Coin (To Your Witcher).” In The Witcher Season 2, though, Netflix allowed him to poke fun at the very show he’s in–while also acting as a voice for its writers. Minor spoilers follow for The Witcher Season 2, Episode 4, “Redanian Intelligence.”

After a harrowing journey alongside the Nilfgaardian Black Knight Cahir, Yennefer literally crawls out of the sewer and hears a familiar singing voice through the floorboards from the tavern above. While plying his trade at the tavern and singing songs about how much Geralt sucks, we learn that Jaskier is also helping to shepherd elves out of Oxenfurt, where the attitude toward elves is turning from simply racist to downright deadly. Yennefer, both part elf and drained of her powerful magic following the battle of Sodden Hill, needs to get out of the city. Jaskier agrees to help, and that’s where the show finds its opportunity to make simultaneously poke fun at and defend itself.

Jaskier attracts the attention of the man checking peoples’ papers and charms him with a song. In this world, Jaskier isn’t just another guy, he’s a truly famous and infamous bard whose songs people know and have strong preferences about. Jaskier leaves the man smiling, but also left him confident enough to tell the bard how one of his songs could’ve been improved.

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