The Punisher Returns In 2022 With An Army Of Ninjas And A New Skull Logo

After a few years without a solo series, one of Marvel’s Punisher is making a comeback in 2022 with a 13-issue prestige format limited series. More dangerous than ever before, Frank Castle finds himself in control of his own personal army of Hand ninjas, leading the cult as the King of Killers. Not just a new status quo for the vigilante, Castle will don a new costume and have access to an even more lethal arsenal of weapons.

Handling the series is writer Jason Aaron, artists Jesús Saiz and Paul Azaceta, and colorist Dave Stewart. This isn’t Aaron’s first time handling a Punisher series, as the writer behind the acclaimed Mighty Thor series had previously written PunisherMAX, which ran from 2010-2012.

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“A few years ago, Jason Aaron came into one of our creative summits with a pitch for Frank that made our collective jaws drop,” said Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski in a press statement. “The story Jason is telling–a truly epic tale about darkness, violence, and choices–can only be told with the Punisher at its core. This series will build on Frank’s legacy while introducing us to a side of him we’ve never seen before, setting the stage for an evolution that we’ll find was inevitable.”

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