The Gunk Tips And Tricks: Beginner’s Guide For Exploring An Alien World

The Gunk is one of the last game releases of the year, and if you’re planning on diving into this new adventure from the SteamWorld team, you’d do well to plan ahead. Landing on an alien planet is always a recipe for mystery and discovery, and The Gunk is no different. Here are five tips and tricks we think should help you on your expedition through the titular sludge and into a whole new world.

Scan everything (and everyone)

It's not just plant life you'll want to identify.
It’s not just plant life you’ll want to identify.

Scanning the alien world, such as its flora and fauna, is the only way to unlock new abilities in The Gunk, and if you want to unlock all 15 abilities, you’ll need to scan almost everything. Before you suck up nearby resources with your Power Glove, “Pumpkin,” be sure to scan them to learn about each resource. Doing this will ensure you not only understand what each item is from a story perspective, it will also help you reveal new upgrades that you can craft at the crafting table back at your base.

More importantly, you’ll also want to scan new objects and even characters. Scan Becks, your best friend. Scan your robot assistant. Encounter a new kind of button, switch, door, or bridge? Scan them too. They all go toward unlocking new upgrades.

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