The Flash Is Bringing Back Man Of Steel Villains General Zod And Faora

He may have suffered a broken neck, post-mortem mutation into a Superman-killing superweapon, and a heart condition brought on by having a Kryptonite spear shoved into his chest, but it looks like General Zod is ready for a third round of action in the DC Extended Universe. In a 2022 movie preview on the Warner Bros. official website, casting info listed both Michael Shannon and Antje Traue for an appearance in the upcoming Flash movie.

Shannon portrayed the Kryptonian renegade in 2013’s Man of Steel, while Traue played his right hand Faora, a fellow Kryptonian who met her end after she caught a flight into the middle of a terraforming World Engine. As for how the duo has returned, that remains to be seen, but considering that the Flash will visit an alternative timeline that has its own Supergirl–played by Sasha Calle–time travel shenanigans resulting in a cameo by the pair don’t sound too far-fetched.

Shannon and Traue won’t be the only familiar faces in The Flash, as Ezra Miller suits up as the Scarlet Speedster again and eventually crosses paths with Batman, played by Tim Burton’s Batman actor Michael Keaton. 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for the DCEU, as it’ll see the Matt Reeves-directed The Batman arrive in March, Black Adam in July, The Flash in November, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in December. Keaton will also reprise his Batman role in the upcoming Batgirl series, which is coming to HBO Max next year.

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