Techland Shares New Dying Light 2 UI Details And Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Free Games

Techland has released a new episode of Dying Light 2 Know More, sharing additional details about the upcoming title, as well as wishing fans a happy holiday season with a festive video.

In this episode, Agata Sykuła, UI Producer at Techland, talks about what players can expect from Dying Light 2 aside from gameplay, sharing new details on the game’s UI, HUD, and accessibility features. UI will have full customization and will include the ability to freely toggle HUD elements like enemy health bards, the quest log, and experience point counters.

The developer also said that thanks to playtesting and feedback from players, Dying Light 2 now has more accessibility options than any previous Techland title. The game will have text size adjustments so players will be able to scale the on-screen subtitles, as well as subtitle backgrounds. Speaker name coloration, color blindness profiles, a left-handed control profile, and a tap/hold toggle for button prompts will also be featured.

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