Super Buckyball Tournament Injects Hero Characters Into Rocket League’s Formula

The open beta for Super Buckyball Tournament is now live on Steam until December 24, giving players a chance to jump into the online multiplayer sports game. GameSpot got an invite to test the game out ahead of the beta’s start and after playing SBT for a few hours, I’m a fan. The two games I have spent the most time with on my Xbox are Rocket League and Apex Legends, so SBT’s diverse roster of hero characters injected into a physics-based soccer game is entirely my shtick.

SBT is an arcade soccer game featuring a single-player career mode and online matches of three-vs-three and four-vs-four. Mechanically, the game is quite simple–you don’t have to worry about all that many controller inputs beyond jump, shoot, sprint, tackle, and pass. But the skill ceiling for SBT seems to be very high, with complexity created by how well you understand the physics engine of the game and how to use the aforementioned moves in conjunction with your teammates.

Getting past a good defender can be accomplished by changing the tempo of your shot, for example. Holding the button to shoot makes the shot more accurate, providing you more control at the cost of giving the defense another second to set up and react. But you can just as easily shoot the ball the second it’s passed to you to pull off a faster and less accurate attack, and the option of two different kinds of shot opens up the possibility of faking your opponent.

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