Slayer Playlists And Challenge Adjustments Arrive In Latest Halo Infinite Update

After repeated requests from players, Halo Infinite now has playlists for specific game modes, including Slayer, Free-For-All, and more.

Today’s update for Halo Infinite comes after developer 343 Industries confirmed that more game mode-specific playlists would be coming to the game’s multiplayer. Players have previously expressed frustration over not being able to choose which game mode they were queuing into. The solution for that problem has finally arrived, including a playlist for Slayer, which 343 had previously claimed would have to wait until after the holidays.

However, today’s Halo Infinite update doesn’t stop at adding playlists for the game’s multiplayer mode. Multiplayer challenges are also getting an overhaul, with some of the more difficult challenges in the game being made easier or removed entirely.

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