Sea Of Stars, New Game Set In Messenger Universe, Coming Next Holiday

The Messenger developer Sabotage Studio showed off more of its next game at Nintendo’s Indie World presentation today. Sea of Stars is another game set in the Messenger universe, but it looks like it will play very differently than the Ninja Gaiden-inspired action game.

The presentation showed off turn-based combat and free overworld traversal with an isometric perspective. It still looks very retro, with a Chrono Trigger-like color palette. That likely isn’t a coincidence, as the presentation also noted that Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda composed some of the music in the new game.

The story revolves around two children of the solstice, a lunar monk and a solar blade dancer. The two use eclipse magic to defeat monsters summoned by the Fleshmancer. This serves as a story prequel to The Messenger, which already established a wild time-travel plot.

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