Rainbow Six Extraction: Everything We Know About Ubisoft Montreal’s Tactical Shooter

Rainbow Six Extraction is an online squad-based tactical shooter that’s a spin-off of Rainbow Six Siege. Extraction sees Siege’s Operators called in to respond to a parasite-like alien threat called the Archaeans. Originally announced as Rainbow Six Quarantine at E3 2019, the game was renamed and delayed a handful of times, and is now finally launching in 2022.

Despite Ubisoft Montreal leading development on both Siege and Extraction, different teams are behind each game. Additionally, Rainbow Six Extraction creative director Patrik Methé told GameSpot that although they share similarities, Ubisoft Montreal isn’t worried about Siege and Extraction cannibalizing each other’s audiences.

Release date

Rainbow Six Extraction will release on January 20, 2022. The game will launch with both cross-play and cross-progression support, so you’ll be able to carry your progress between hardware and squad-up with your friends no matter where you or they choose to play.

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