Overwatch Winter Wonderland Makes A Return Along With Brand-New Skins

Overwatch’s annual Winter Wonderland event is back, this time introducing a set of weekly challenges and rewards alongside a collection of new character skins.

This year, Blizzard has added five new legendary skins including Reindeer Orisa, Sleighing D.Va, Snowman Wrecking Ball, Ice Wraith Genji, and Snowboarder Baptiste. Skins from previous Winter Wonderland events are also back but players will be able to get them at a discount.

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The usual brawl events are also back once again, such as the 4v4 Freezethaw Elimination, Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunt, and Snowball Deathmatch. Players will also be able to unlock rewards by completing a series of weekly challenges in Quick Play, Arcade, or Competitive Play. Winning games counts as playing two games, while rewards include an array of player icons, Epic skins, and festive sprays.

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