Nine Sols Is A New Game From Devotion Developer Red Candle Games

Red Candle Games has revealed that it is working on a brand new game called Nine Sols. It’s a hand-drawn 2D action platforming game with combat inspired by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and its deflection mechanic. Platforms have not yet been announced.

Nine Sols is an Asian-inspired fantasy, where the main character explores a land that was once home to an ancient alien race. His name is Yi and is awoken by a human child. Yi’s mission is a vengeful one, with the main goal to slay all nine of the rulers called Sols.

According to the game’s early artwork, the setting seems to be a mixture between nature and fantasy, as there seem to be mountains in the background, but electronic parts on the ground. The studio describes it as “Taopunk” and blends both cyberpunk and Taoism with far eastern mythology.

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