NFT Gaming Project Hack Sees $150k Of Crypto Stolen

Buyers hoping to get in on the ground floor with Fractal, a gaming-based NFT project by Twitch co-founder Justin Kan, have instead found themselves scammed out of their Solana (SOL) by a hacker. The hack took advantage of hype around the project, using a vulnerability with a Discord bot to send a link that would drain buyers’ wallets of SOL.

As reported by The Verge, the hack took place through Fractal’s official Discord server. Taking advantage of the fact that the Fractal team had been building up hype for its first airdrop–an initial release of NFTs for early adopters–the hacker posted a message in the Discord’s announcement channel posting a link to a supposed NFT drop.

According to an analysis by Tim Cotten, most users in the Discord realised straight away that the message was a fake, but those who were keen to get in on the NFT drop went ahead and clicked on the site’s “mint” button, which asked for 1 SOL to mint each NFT. Users who linked their Solana wallets then found their entire accounts drained.

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