Next Mass Effect Runs On Unreal Engine 5, It Appears

It appears the next Mass Effect game will, as rumored, run on Epic’s Unreal Engine. BioWare producer Brenon Holmes recently tweeted about an open position at the company for associate technical director, and the ideal candidate will have experience with Unreal Engine 4 and 5.

“Come, join our team and work with us on the next Mass Effect game!,” Holmes wrote. This does not flat-out confirm that the new Mass Effect game will run on some form of the Unreal Engine. However, reporter Jeff Grubb–who was among the first to report that the next Mass Effect will use the Unreal Engine–followed up to say this is indeed the case and that it’s Unreal Engine 5 specifically.

In September, Grubb reported that BioWare was considering its options when it came to development engines for the next Mass Effect game, with Unreal being on the table. EA has its own game engine, Frostbite, but it now appears the game will run on Epic’s engine. EA will pay Epic a licensing fee for this.

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