New World Winter Convergence Update Brings New Quests, Big Endgame Changes: Full Patch Notes

New World’s latest update brings a new holiday event, new quests, major endgame changes, and significant balance adjustments to Amazon Game Studios’ MMORPG.

The Winter Convergence Festival, which is now live, is the game’s first seasonal event. From December 16 to January 11, you can earn Winter Tokens from repeatable quests across Aeternum to earn exclusive new armor, weapons, and more, as players look to stop the evil Winter Warrior from plunging the land into the dreaded Forever Winter. Each day you can also receive three presents from the Tree of Light found in each of the game’s various settlements. The tree for each town can be upgraded through the completion of Town Project quests, which will improve the daily rewards.

New World’s first major in-game event will leave a permanent mark on Aeternum too. Mysterious and deadly ice caves have appeared throughout the game world and will persist after the end of the event for players to continue exploring.

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