New World Devs Accepted The Community’s Endgame Challenge, And Hilarity Ensued

The New World community, unhappy with endgame changes which made high-level elite zones more difficult and convinced Amazon Game Studios didn’t play its own game, recently issued a challenge to the game’s developers: stream an endgame Myrkgard run so players could see how it’s supposed to be done.

To the community’s surprise, Amazon accepted the challenge, recently releasing a video showing a group of 10 developers, including game director Scot Lane, attempting to overcome one of the game’s more challenging pieces of endgame content. From the get-go, the developers admit they are undergeared and aren’t nearly as skilled as New World’s most dedicated players. But that didn’t stop them from diving headfirst into the Myrkgard endgame elite zone all the same, often with humorous results.

Despite being undergeared, the devs put up a good fight, battling their way through the zone for around an hour. The video shows the perspectives of four different developers and even displays some “helpful” (and occasionally sarcastic) tips aimed at some of the developers who maybe weren’t playing as optimally as they could have been. These tips include critical advice like “Keep your tank up or bad things happen” and “Sometimes surrender is the best option.” Along the way the devs complain about terrible loot, cry out for heals, lament when their teammates pull way more enemies than they should and eventually, despite their valiant efforts, call it quits.

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