Minecraft’s Master Chief Mash-up Has Returned

While most Halo fans will be busy getting stuck into the newly released Halo Infinite, Xbox is offering another way to play as Master Chief–in Minecraft. The Minecraft Master Chief Mash-up was originally released in 2014 including themed textures, skins, maps, and Halo music tracks. The pack has now been updated with eight new skins–including three different versions of Master Chief.

The new skins are themed after characters from Halo Infinite, including Commander Laurette Agryna, War Chief Escharum, Blademaster Jega ‘Rdomnai, the Pelican Echo-216 Pilot, and a YOROI Spartan, as well as the aforementioned Master Chief skins.

The update has also added a number of extra items to the dressing room, including new Character Creator items and emotes like the Master Chief, the Swinging Energy Sword, and the Hard Landing.

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