Minecraft Just Became The First Game With Over A Trillion Views On YouTube

Ever since it first launched in 2009, Minecraft has been a hit with viewers on YouTube, quickly becoming one of the biggest gaming communities on the video platform. Now, over a decade later, Minecraft is officially the first game to have over a trillion views on its collective YouTube content.

YouTube has launched a brand new Minecraft Culture & Trends page to mark the occasion, running through some of the many different facets that make up the game’s global community on YouTube. Minecraft has also launched a brand new easter egg-filled “Minecraft Museum” video to celebrate the huge amount of Minecraft content both created and enjoyed by its community.

Minecraft has enjoyed the top spot among games on YouTube for a while now–by 2015, it was already the all-time most popular game among YouTubers, and had made multiple appearances at the top of previous yearly round-ups. In 2020, it was the top game for both video views and live streams by quite a margin. Its views, at 201 billion for the year, were more than twice that of the next most popular game, Roblox, which had 75 billion views.

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