How To Start Far Cry 6 Insanity – Vaas DLC

The massive world of Far Cry 6 has been getting bigger as of late, and the new Vaas Insanity DLC is proof of that. Ubisoft just can’t seem to move on past its former E3 superstar, whose arrival on the scene about a decade ago helped elevate Far Cry into the stratosphere of the world’s most-played games. But if you can’t get to the new Far Cry 6 DLC, his legend goes out like Dani’s lights when they open the wingsuit too late. Here’s how to access the Vaas Insanity Far Cry 6 DLC.

Far Cry 6 Vaas DLC – how to start

When you load into Far Cry 6, depending on how long you’ve been away, you’ll be prompted to take on a number of new missions and see some new sights, including the new Danny Trejo free missions. But you’re not quite as lucky if you’re looking to tackle the paid Far Cry 6 expansion, Insanity, starring Vaas.

To do that yourself, you’ll want to head to any Guerrilla Camp across Yara. When you get there, head into the central, largest building. You’ll see things like bunk beds, dogs and guerrillas walking around, and, in one corner, a television. Approach it and you’ll see it’s flickering between the three major Far Cry villains of the past decade: Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed.

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