How To Kill Harriet In Deathloop: Chaos Theory Guide

In Deathloop, you’ll want to take out all seven Visionaries in one loop to see the story through to its dramatic conclusion. In the best possible playthrough, Harriet will be the first Visionary you take out if you’re trying to round them all up efficiently. But the path to get to her can be complicated, like a lot of Deathloop. Here’s how to kill Harriet by way of the Chaos Theory story mission.

Deathloop: How to kill Harriet

Harriet is a unique target in Arkane’s murder sandbox, because she seemingly can’t be moved from her headquarters in Karl’s Bay. It’s there where she leads a small band of cult-like Eternalists, and like Jim Jones, she seems happy to distance herself from the rest of the world and maintain her power over her followers. Therefore, you’ll need to get her in Karl’s Bay, particularly during the morning.

Harriet’s refusal to move much at all makes her predictable, but she’s also dug into something like a fortress. At the far end of Karl’s Bay, you’ll find two large hangars, numbered 1 and 2 on their sides. Harriet will always be found in the hangar numbered 2. You can infiltrate this hangar in a number of ways, in traditional Arkane style.

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