How To Kill Frank In Deathloop: Ramblin’ Frank Mission Guide

Among all seven Deathloop Visionaries, Frank’s demise is perhaps the most satisfying when done right. You can engineer a finale for Frank that makes it so you’ll be hundreds of feet away when he dies, though it takes plenty of preparation through the looping plot. If you’re wondering how to execute the Ramblin’ Frank story mission and kill Frank in Deathloop, here’s all you need to know.

How to kill Frank in Deathloop

Frank has a fireworks display planned for Updaam in the evening, and that’s where you’ll want to kill him. But getting to that point is going to take a lot more work than just showing up that night. To begin, head to Updaam any time other than morning. There you’ll learn that Otto’s Workshop, which is where Frank’s fireworks are made, has burned down due to a malfunctioning power system.

Otto's Workshop is only available in Updaam (morning) unless you prevent its future fire.
Otto’s Workshop is only available in Updaam (morning) unless you prevent its future fire.

The whole building burns down “just before noon,” which is your next clue. It’s possible you could even skip the above and just start here. Head to Updaam during the morning in the next cycle and you’ll be able to explore the workshop before it has suffered its critical malfunction. In fact, you can prevent it entirely. If you look around the shop, you’ll notice five power cables leading into the building. Trace these cables to their points of origin and deactivate each one. If you shut down all five, the workshop will avoid burning down in that loop.

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