How To Kill Charlie And Fia Together In Deathloop: Afternoon Delight Guide

In Deathloop, it can be difficult rounding up all of the Visionaries when trying to kill them in a single day. As best we can tell, there’s no way to get all seven to the same place at the same time. However, you can get some of them grouped together, such as Charlie and Fia. If you’re wondering how to find this secretive pair in one room, here’s all you need to know. Be warned: The Afternoon Delight mission is more–let’s call it complex–than most others.

Deathloop: How to kill Charlie and Fia at the same time

Obviously, consider this guide to have story spoilers. Last chance to back out. Still here? Okay. So, Charlie and Fia are maintaining a secret relationship in Deathloop. This is something you can find out for yourself by taking part in Charlie’s LARP, Condition Detachment, on Updaam. However, this is only where you pick up this lead, and if you’re here, you maybe already got that far–plus you can just skip that part anyway.

Where you’ll really want to start is on Fristad Rock in the afternoon. Head toward Fia’s bunker, which sits inside the mountain you see below, then walk all the way around it to the right, along the waterfront. Be careful not to fall in, or else you’ll lose health or even drown instantly.

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