How To Get Egor To The Party In Deathloop: Lost In Transmission Guide

In Deathloop, killing all seven Visionaries in one loop is a complicated Rube Goldberg death machine, and sometimes you won’t want to kill a Visionary just because you encounter them. Sometimes you’ll just need to engineer their future downfall. Such is the case with Egor, who is happy to work all day and night at The Complex. But you’ll want to get Egor to the party in Updaam at night in order to off him once and for all. Here’s how to do that.

How to get Egor to the party in Deathloop

If you head to The Complex in the evening, you’ll find the area is littered with traps such as tripwires, mines, and auto-turrets. Strangely almost all other characters are gone except for Egor, who is hanging out by his northside lab, Array Y, and very much looking to kill you. You can defeat him there–watch out for his Aether Slab that allows him to go invisible at times–then head into his small two-story lab and investigate all available documents and cassettes to learn the code to silence Egor’s device.

Egor is pretty much glued to The Complex. He refuses to leave throughout the entire loop because he is working on a research project. In the afternoon hours, he’ll have a breakthrough which keeps him centered there. What you’ll need to do is sabotage that breakthrough earlier in the day so that he gives up and goes to Aleksis’ party in Updaam that night. Head to The Complex at noon and sneak to the northside Array Y.

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