How To Farm Residuum In Deathloop: Carry Over Weapons And Trinkets

In Deathloop, Residuum is the key to growing stronger, faster, and deadlier with each new loop. Even the best possible complete game runs will necessarily take you multiple loops before you can hit credits, and that makes this odd spacetime-defying resource very important. Here’s what you need to know about Residuum in Deathloop, including how to farm it and how to spend it.

What is Residuum?

In Deathloop, Residuum is a type of material that’s left behind on some objects due to the nature of Blackreef’s perpetually looping world. Since every day starts, unfolds, and ends the same (except for the bits Colt alters), some objects can emit this strange, misty substance as a result of an apparent breakdown in the spacetime continuum.

Residuum is arguably the most important resource in Deathloop because it allows you to push back against the game’s roguelite elements. In the opening act, you’ll unlock the ability to infuse objects such as Trinkets, weapons, and Slabs.

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