How Long To Beat The Gunk: Mission List And More

December is usually very quiet on the new release front, and though this year is really no different, the month isn’t totally devoid of new games, even now as we cross the halfway point. The Gunk is here to give players on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox (including Game Pass) a brand-new IP to tackle just before the new year. If you’re wondering how long it takes to beat The Gunk, we’ve run through all it has to offer and can help prepare you for what’s ahead. Here’s all you need to know.

How long is The Gunk?

A single playthrough of The Gunk will take you about 6-8 hours to complete. The game is mostly quite linear, though there are some optional paths that you can go down in order to find more crafting resources on your travels. You’ll want to do this, most likely, as crafting all of the game’s 15 upgrades will require you to find just about every last collectible resource on the alien planet across the game’s eight chapters.

Alternate title: How much gunk is in the trunk?
Alternate title: How much gunk is in the trunk?

There are four kinds of crafting elements, which you can learn more about in our beginner’s guide for The Gunk. There are no alternate endings as best we can tell, nor any side missions. This is a rather straightforward action-platformer with some light combat elements. More than anything, what The Gunk does well is in its setting and music.

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