Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Shows Off The Razorfang, Rollerback, And Sunwing Robots

Horizon Forbidden West’s world is teeming with robotic danger, and in a new trailer for the game, developer Guerrilla has revealed three of the mechanical menaces that’ll be attempting to thin the human herd.

The armored Rollerback looks like a mechanical Nodosaur that can launch itself into a spin attack, and the Sunwing is essentially a solar-powered Pteranodon. Those look like formidable threats that Aloy will have to deal with, but they pale in comparison to the Slitherfang, an absolute unit of a robot snake that can easily coil itself around a skyscraper and has gigantic fangs.

As Guerrilla noted in a PS Blog update, some machines in Horizon Forbidden West serve as guardians of the natural order, while others have been built and programmed solely for the purpose of killing. While a kaiju-sized robot snake on its own is bad news, the developer also teased that the power to control these mechanical beasts has fallen into the wrong hands, making Aloy’s trek that much more challenging.

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