Here Are Some New Details On The Wolf Among Us 2

After being announced at The Game Awards in 2019, there’s been very little news about the “reborn” Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us 2. Now, a new feature in Game Informer on the long-awaited sequel is shedding some light on new key details about the game.

The new details have been teased thanks to a Game Informer feature on the newly-reformed Telltale Games. A few key points about The Wolf Among Us 2 have been revealed on Twitter, including more details on the game’s setting. Like the first game, The Wolf Among Us 2 will be set before the Fables comic books the series is based on, with the sequel taking place six months after the events of the original.

This timeline will place the game in winter, the report reads, with the game taking place “all over New York.”

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