Halo Infinite Tenrai Event Will Get More Free Samurai Cosmetics Next Year

Halo Infinite’s first free-to-play multiplayer event, the samurai-themed Fractures: Tenrai, will be receiving some major improvements when it returns early next year.

The free event’s first week (of which several more are planned over the course of Halo Infinite’s first season) allowed players to unlock a set of samurai armor through completing various event challenges. Unfortunately, the armor was a little basic. Whereas many players thought they would be unlocking the impressive-looking armor heavily featured in various trailers, the free armor instead only came in one color with few accessories. Much of the Tenrai event rewards were XP grants and challenge swaps, rather than cosmetics. Instead, players could purchase the game’s premium currency to unlock additional colors, helmets, swords, and more through the in-game store.

That will change next year when the Tenrai event returns. Speaking during a livestream, 343 Industries head of design Jerry Hook said it was a mistake to sell Tenrai event cosmetics and to promote those items in the game’s marketing.

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