Halo Infinite Co-Op Campaign Is Now Playable With A Glitch, But Beware

Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign isn’t officially coming until around the end of the game’s first season in May 2022, but that hasn’t stopped a number of players from enabling the mode anyway, though it seems doing so may put your game saves at risk.

As spotted on the Halo subreddit, someone has managed to glitch their way into split-screen campaign co-op. We’ve managed to replicate this ourselves using instructions that have since been shared online, confirming that it does indeed work.

This is not a natural formation
This is not a natural formation

On Twitter, user nobleactual posted instructions on how to replicate the glitch along with a short clip clearly showing co-op working, albeit with a number of caveats. For starters, player two has no HUD. The game’s FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) are completely busted, and if either player dies, the game locks up. Trying to enable co-op may also break your game saves, with nobleactual stating that their saves eventually refused to load after hours of trying to reproduce the glitch. Another user, HaloDotAPI, also confirmed that using the co-op glitch broke their saves, forcing them to delete them.

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