GTA Online VIP Contracts Explained

After spending upwards of $2 million on an Agency Building, GTA Online players will likely want to start making money as fast as possible using the new content available as part of The Contract. While the new Security Contracts and Payphone Hits pay decently, doling out tens of thousands of dollars with just a few minutes’ work, the best new way to generate a healthy stream of revenue is through VIP Contracts.

Much like the game’s Heists, VIP Contracts are multi-part missions that task players with completing a larger goal. At the moment, the sole VIP Contract in GTA Online has players working with Franklin and musician Dr. Dre to recover Dre’s cellphone, which has been stolen and copied.

In standard GTA Online fashion, players have to track down each phone by completing set-up missions before actually finding and acquiring the phone. Each phone in this case has two set-up missions before being able to go after whomever has made off with it.

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