Friday ‘Nite: Fortnite Fans Think They’ve Found The Last Members Of The Seven

Ask any story-focused Fortnite fan which of the game’s many lingering questions tickle their brain the most, and they’ll likely bring up The Seven, the game’s masked men and women of mystery. So far, they’ve been portrayed as the heroes of the ongoing battle with the Imagined Order (though I question whether we can trust their leader, The Foundation).

The last time we met anyone new in The Seven, it was The Foundation himself back during the Zero Crisis Finale, and he was the fourth member of the group to be revealed, following The Visitor, The Scientist, and The Paradigm. That means today, almost a year since that reveal, we’ve still not met any of the rest of the all-important group. But Fortnite fans think they might’ve spotted the three remaining heroes hiding in plain sight.

Their smoking gun isn’t so smoky, but neither is the theory all that farfetched. Epic routinely sends out surveys to select players, polling them on things like crossovers they want to see come to the game or their interest in original characters being released as in-game skins. It’s from that second category that players believe Epic has left evidence of some major character reveals.

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