Dr. Dre Shows Off Preview Of New Song Coming To GTA Online

Starting December 15, GTA Online‘s world of Los Santos will be filled with some more beats for players to cruise around town to. Along with a story-based DLC for the game called The Contract, GTA Online will be getting a suite of new tunes, including one that was recently shown off by Dr. Dre, who plays a main role in the expansion.

The song, revealed by Dr. Dre in a short video uploaded to YouTube, also features Eminem. The track’s name, however, was not revealed.

Dr. Dre’s collaboration with Eminem is just one of many songs coming to GTA Online along with the game’s story-based DLC. GTA Online will also be getting a brand-new radio station, Motomami Los Santos, where players can listen to a wide range of musicians, from Caroline Polachek to Daddy Yankee. Also playing on the new station are Mr. Fingers, Aventura, Rosalia, and Arca.

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