Dr. Disrespect Opens Game Studio, Midnight Society, With Ex-Call Of Duty And Halo Devs

Dr. Disrespect, government name Guy Beahm, has formed a new game development studio called Midnight Society. It will apparently be “focused on delivering the best, most community-focused, online PVP multiplayer experience the world has ever seen,” according to Midnight Society’s new website.

The company has “put together a killer team of veteran AAA talent that lives, breathes, and sleeps in the realm of PVP multiplayer.” Dr. Disrespect is joined by Robert Bowling, studio director, and Quinn DelHoyo, creative director. Bowling served as the creative strategist and community manager for Call of Duty, and a host of other positions in gaming studios. DelHoyo designed levels and weapons for Gears of War, and later worked on Halo.

Moving into creating games is an interesting move for the Twitch-famous streamer, who shifted to YouTube after his Twitch ban–the reasons behind the expulsion still unknown–in June 2020. Dr. Disrespect does have a prior history in the gaming industry, having served as Sledgehammer’s community manager back before his streaming career took off.

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