Destruction AllStars Dev Reportedly Working On “Flagship First-Party” IP For PS5

The developer behind Destruction AllStars, Lucid Games, is possibly working on a new AAA game for a flagship PlayStation franchise, according to LinkedIn.

As revealed on a former Lucid Game developer’s profile, the studio is said to be working on an “unannounced First-Party Flagship AAA IP for the PlayStation 5.” The developer in question was a technical designer at the studio but is no longer with the company as of October 2021.

While there is no other information available, the unannounced game could be the rumored Twisted Metal reboot. Back in September, it was reported that the reboot was in early development over at the UK-based studio in Liverpool. It is reportedly being built around a free-to-play model, partly because of Lucid’s Destruction AllStars being a PlayStation Plus title at launch.

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