Destiny 2’s Annual Dawning Event Has Some Great Armor Sets This Year

It’s the season to not only be jolly but to dress in extremely fashionable armor while keeping extinction-level forces at bay with a selection of wonderful toys. For the last couple of years, Destiny 2 has offered a festive fracas in its annual Dawning event, and according to data-mining site, this year will be no exception.

The Dawning will return today after the weekly reset kicks in and will run until January 4. As usual, you can expect a few quests that revolve around gathering baking ingredients for everyone’s favorite granny, Eva Levante, who’ll offer a range of weapons and gear as rewards. Remember, the best space-cookies are the ones gathered from the slaughtered remains of death-worshipping monsters and time-traveling robots programmed for homicide.

Some of the equipment includes a new set of armor cosmetics called Dendrite Shimmer, which looks terrific:

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