Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021: All The New Weapons, Armor, And Cosmetic Gear

The Dawning has begun once again in Destiny 2, adding some festive cheer to Bungie’s game with yuletide-themed events, rewards, and quests. Much like last year’s Dawning event, the 2021 edition will see you zipping about the solar system as you deliver cookies, fight off enemies with Stasis-enhanced snowballs, and earn some new gear in the process. You’ll be able to take part in the event from now until January 4, retrieving ingredients from vanquished enemies that can be used to craft Masterwork materials, weapons, and resources.

While you’ll be able to get your hands on some classic Dawning weapons and gear in case you missed out the first time they were available, there are also some new items being introduced this year. Zephyr is one of the highlights, as this new sword has the potential to roll with the Cold Steel perk that allows it to inflict Stasis on enemies. Other weapons now have a new set of perks applied to them, and if you’re lucky, you just might get one of these handy perks the next time that gear drops for you.

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