Destiny 2 Patch Notes For Update Reveal Tweaks For Grasp Of Avarice Dungeon

Destiny 2’s festive season has kicked off in grand fashion, as the game currently has two major events running. For fans of Bungie, there’s the 30th Anniversary celebrations which have introduced the Dares of Eternity and the hilariously salty Grasp of Avarice dungeon, while anyone looking for more Christmas-themed cheer can dig into The Dawning and earn some good-looking gear. Some fine-tuning has been added to Destiny 2 in its final major patch of the year, as update 3.4.01 fixes a number of bugs in the new dungeon, the Trials of Osiris PvP mode, and several Strikes.

As previously mentioned, the Lake of Shadows Strike has now been tweaked to be slightly more challenging and will see the final boss Grask’s health increased by 34%, to a total of 134% of the previous value. In Grasp of Avarice, the dungeon has now been fine-tuned to be a more rewarding experience, while Dares of Eternity’s lingering bugs have been removed.

You can read the full patch notes below. Elsewhere in Destiny 2, the week has been as busy as ever. In the wake of reports that it allegedly has a toxic workplace culture, Bungie head of HR Gayle d’Hondt has announced that she is stepping down from her role at the company.

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