Destiny 2 Grasp Of Avarice Dungeon Is Hilariously Salty About A 7-Year-Old Exploit

Grasp of Avarice is, it must be said, kind of hilarious. Hidden in-jokes that require history with a developer or franchise to understand are fairly common in video games, but the dungeon Bungie released as part of its 30th Anniversary DLC for Destiny 2 is next-level. Because yes, Grasp of Avarice is referencing a notorious moment from the game’s past, turning something all original Destiny 1 players remember into a lengthy, rewarding, and fun piece of content. But it’s also a dungeon Bungie made specifically to dunk on those players–while also spending a little time laughing at itself. And that, as far as I know, might be unprecedented in gaming, or media of any kind.

To understand how good of a jab Grasp of Avarice is, you first have to understand a somewhat ignoble bit of early Destiny history. Way back in 2014, when the original game was first released, it was kind of a pain to play. That was largely because Bungie hadn’t really tuned the game’s progression system yet; this was before you could infuse one piece of gear into another to raise its level, for instance. You had to constantly hunt new and better guns to raise your character’s power stats in order to take on tougher content.

So when players finished Destiny’s story campaign, they naturally turned their eyes toward the Vault of Glass raid–but they were all too weak to actually take it on. Then as now, they had to keep working through the game’s playlist content to grind for new gear that would advance their levels. But the grind was painfully slow, and there were fewer activities in the game to actually play. Drop rates for new gear felt low, especially if you were chasing only the Legendary items needed to advance. Lower-level drops would constantly clutter your inventory, and back in the day, you had to take all of your good engrams to Master Rahool in the Tower for decryption–often only to discover that the drop you were so hopeful for was actually a trash weapon of a lower level.

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