Destiny 2 Dawning Recipes (2021): Gifts, Rewards, And Changes

The Dawning has returned to Destiny 2, bringing holiday cheer to players and in-game characters throughout the solar system. The event runs until the weekly reset on Tuesday, January 4, and adjusts a lot of what we’ve seen in past Dawning events. As usual, there are holiday cookies to bake and deliver, using ingredients gathered from the battlefield. But there are also new upgrades you can earn from event vendor Eva Levante in the Tower, a new currency called Spirit of Dawning, and new gear to unlock along the way.

The event starts in the Tower, where you’ll find Eva and receive Eva’s Holiday Oven, the Dawning’s central quest item. With it, you can bake cookies and deliver them to NPCs all over Destiny 2 to complete bounties and quests for the event. As you do, you can buy new upgrades from Eva that will make earn you more ingredients, make bounties more rewarding, increase your Dawning weapon drops, and make snowballs found around the solar system hit harder. You can buy those upgrades with Spirit of Dawning, which you’ll earn for completing Dawning bounties and from just playing the game and completing activities.

In addition to recipes for NPCs, this Dawning introduces the new Boon of Friendship item you can use to give other players extra Dawning rewards from completing playlist activities. You can grab a new boon each day, and the more boons are active in your fireteam, the more rewards you receive.

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