CoD: Warzone Patch Notes Add More Weapon Balancing And New Ground Loot

As Raven Software works to balance and squash bugs in Call of Duty: Warzone, a second update rolled out on December 15. The most recent update brings a few more bug fixes and some major weapon tuning, while the previous December 15 update squashed several bugs and made changes to the Automaton assault rifle.

The updated patch notes show the Cooper Carbine assault rifle was drastically nerfed. This includes a decrease to the gun’s maximum damage range, neck damage multiplier, and lower torso damage multiplier. The recoil was also increased slightly. Another assault rifle to receive a heavy nerf is the Volkssturmgewehr, as the gun received a decrease to the neck damage multiplier, lower torso damage multiplier, and ADS speed.

Adjustments hit most of Vanguard’s handguns. The Klauser, Machine Pistol, RATT, and Top Break all received nerfs. Previously, Vanguard’s shotgun classes were all very powerful, but they’ve also been downgraded. The Combat Shotgun and Einhorn Revolving got decreased maximum damage range and second damage range, while the Gracey Auto shotgun got reduced maximum damage range, second damage range, second damage amount, and third damage amount.

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