CoD: Warzone Continues To Get Weapon Changes; Bloom Slowly Being Removed

Raven Software continues to make major weapon changes to Call of Duty: Warzone. The December 10 update revealed a reduction to the bloom mechanic, as the developer slowly works to remove bloom from Vanguard guns. A few minor bug fixes and audio issues are adjusted as well.

This most recent update arrived just a day after the developer made mystery changes to Vanguard weapons, while also working to nerf some of Warzone’s more overpowered weapons from Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. All of this weapon tuning seems to be working towards making Vanguard weapons more viable, and providing a balanced weapon pool across all three games.

Vanguard’s ‘bloom’ or bullet spread mechanic means that even when aiming down sights, all the bullets might not be going where intended. This effect was making most of Vanguard’s assault rifles less reliable for those long-range fights in Caldera. And with bloom not being featured on Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War weapons, it made those past guns more reliable choices to use with the launch of the new Caldera map. However, the December 10 update drastically reduces the bloom mechanic on Vanguard weapons, which should make the guns more viable in Warzone moving forward. Additionally, Raven Software addressed the weapon bloom in the patch notes, saying that it eventually won’t exist at all.

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