Circus Electrique Is A New Steampunk Tactical RPG From Zen Studios

Step right up to the big tent! The circus is coming to town thanks to Zen Studios, who have debuted a new RPG IP called Circus Electrique.

The game is set in a fictional steampunk version of Victorian London, where the Circus Electrique has just pulled in for a show. The city’s residents suddenly become vicious and violent killers for no apparent reason, and it’s up to the performers of the circus to set things right and find the source of what’s driving the Londoners mad.

Players will use 14 different types of performers from the circus–from Clowns to Strongmen to Fire Blowers–to fight off the hordes, each with their own unique traits and abilities. When not in battle, players will also manage the circus, raising money to gather equipment and supplies to help them better clean up the London streets.

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