Call Of Duty: Warzone’s December 16 Patch Notes: Bombing Run Gets New Changes

Call Of Duty: Warzone’s December 16 update is officially live and addresses a list of common bugs, as well as makes some changes to Bombing Run.

Following the release of Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map, players have been reporting issues with the sound where aerial battles could conceal enemy footsteps on the ground. So with the latest patch, Raven Software has adjusted ambient sound effects to make it easier for players.

In addition to this general change, Bombin Runs over Caldera have also stopped, something that would occur in random locations across the map and stun players. Players can also expect changes to scaled rewards for the Contract. The December 16 update only contains a small collection of bug fixes, but the most notable ones include a resolution to the collision issues with elements across Caldera which allowed players to exploit them during matches.

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